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02/02/2013 - 16:00
02/05/2013 - 18:00


A group show with photography, video and installation
at National Scientific Library, Tbilisi

/ curated by Steffi Schöne

Opening 2nd February 2013, 4 PM
National Scientific Library, M. Aleqsidze’s Street 1/4 Till 10th of February 2013, Mo-Fr 11:00–17:00, Sat/Sun 11:00–15:00


Welcome to an arena of the 1970s. In a coincidence I discovered the National Scientific Library, a Soviet colossus hidden behind the Hero Square in Tbilisi. It was built in 1970 as a library and it still works as one. Like a living museum time seems to stand still in there. The three floor building attracts through spacious, light flooded floors which are linked through an open two wing staircase. In total 3.5 million books as well as 2.5 million periodicals are kept in storage in endless rows of shelves behind the reception on the second floor. The content of books ranges from science to fiction. The oldest treasures are from 16th century like a book from Martin Luther. Behind the little window at the reception you would not expect a lady that already works there for 47 years. She seems to be part of the building and its aura. Shelves, furniture, the catalogue and even the heating system from the 1970s give the Library a soul and history that contemporary buildings cannot keep up with. Being fascinated and heavily attracted by this richness of nostalgia I reached for collaboration between students of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and interested freelance architects, photographers and artists to revive the abandoned 1st and 3rd floor with artistic approaches.
However what to do with such a beauty? How to interact in a place that appears like an old wise elephant? You realize that the objects that lay and stand around wouldn’t need an artist’s hand to become interesting. The whole place itself is already an attraction. Every detail tells something about former times and you wonder what it was like when the invention of i-phone was out of any imagination. So what can an artist contribute not to look funny, not to get lost in that bold historical and loaded environment? The participants worked on ideas for more than 3 weeks at the Library. To share the final outcome, please join us for the opening on 2nd of February at 4 PM in the Library, M. Aleqsidze’s Street 1/4.
I especially thank Rector Irakli Garibashvili and Gvantsa Jimsheleishvili for their great support to make this show possible.
Steffi Schöne / visiting Prof. class of Photography/ Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

მონაწილეობენ / participants
from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts: Sopo Miminoshvili – 2nd year of Photography / Sandro Sulaberidze – 4th year of Photography / Ninutsa Shatberashvili – 2nd year of Photography Mariam Aslanishvili – 2nd year of Photography / Tamar Chaduneli – 4th year of Animation / Ana Chaduneli – 4th year of Architecture / Giorgi Nemsitsveridze – 4th year of Animation / Natalia Nebieridze (DontheC) – 3rd year Architecture / Dali Dardzhaniya (DontheC) – 3rd year Architecture / Eliso Kirvalidze – 4th year of Multimedia / with: Giga Tsikarishvili (DontheC) – MA Architect / Steffi Schöne - German Artist / Steve Weinberg – Amercian Documentary Photographer / Tako Tkebuchave – International School of Public Health / Nino Akhobadze - Georgian Photographer / Aleksi Soselia – CCA-Tbilisi Photography / Tamar Muskhelishvili – researcher at CCA-Tbilisi