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Starting from March 15 National Science Library offers Nature Publishing Group’s e-Journals and online databases

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a high impact publisher in print and online, which has representatives in the world’s leading cities (New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Tokyo, etc.) and unites millions of consumers. NPG publishes journals, online databases, and services across thefields of physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine.
Starting from March 15 National Science Library offers (within the free trial program) scientific, research and magazine columnist to its users.
Below are provided brief descriptions, histories and activities of some popular journals:
Nature –Weekly international scientific journal. The journal is Nature Publishing Group’s core publishing, which offers the readers scientific news, newest research results, expert opinions, and information regarding various events. It must be noted that videos are attached to the online articles.
Scientific American –Published since 1845. It is one of the most recognized, prestigious and widely read monthly Journal. Scientific American releases latest news on new technologies, political science and business. Journal publishes newest research results regarding various areas, which include society and politics, health, technologies, energy, biology, environment, etc.
Nature Geoscience –Monthly journal oriented on earth science. Journal publishes articles on the following areas: atmosphere, oceans, glaciers, ice cover, and earth’s land surface studies.
Nature Climate Changes - Scientists from various fields publish articles due to the interdisciplinary problem of global warming. However, the issue is the same for all of them. The journal, somewhat, provides a forum for those working on the issue of global warming and allows an exchange of conflicting theories.
Genetics in Medicine - Journal is of the American College of Medical Genetics and genome. It is published monthly. Journal covers issues such as: metabolic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic sensitivity species of rare diseases, genetics and the law, etc.
BoneKEy Reports - Is only published online. The Journal focuses on the bone diseases. Journal is very popular among scientific circles and is designed to cover the latest advances in the field.
Note: Nature Publishing Group’s online catalogs of journals and publications can only be accessed from the building of National Scientific Library. (Address: #1 1/4, Aleksidze str., Tbilisi).